Our Community

Our Community
Our Community

​One of the former ministers of our church, The Rev Thomas Dix Hincks ( 1767-1857 ) was the founder of The Royal Cork Institution. Other famous members of the church include Richard Dowden ( 1794-1861 ) a Mayor of Cork and the painter Daniel Maclise ( 1806- 1870 ).

The “Temperance Priest”, Rev Theobald Matthew, OFM Cap, signed his famous Temperance Agreement in the Unitarian Church in 1839 and six years latter the American social reformer, abolitionist, author and statesman Frederick Douglass visited the church.

​In the 20th century numbers began to dwindle and in 1955, with just one member remaining plans were made to sell the church. After a long period in the doldrums something of a revival started thanks to two lay members of the congregation, Mr Fritz Spengeman and Dr Martin Pulbrook.

From 2007-2017, The Rev Bridget Spain was the Minister in Charge.

​Today the church has its own, full-time, minister, Rev Mike O’Sullivan, who was ordained in Feb. 2017.

Today we are a small, but growing, vibrant and inclusive community. We are a hybrid church composed of both physically present local people and others who participate on-line. Our community includes our members, friends, visitors, and the wider circle of people we interact with. Our hospitality is open, people can join or leave our community as their circumstances and spirit guides them.

There are two other Unitarian congregations in the Republic of Ireland: