Greetings From Our Minister

Rev Mike O’Sullivan & Kay O’Sullivan

Greetings From Our Minister

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Like many young men in the 1980’s having left school I pursued a vocation as a priest within the Roman Catholic church, I found out that it was not the life for me but still have good and happy memories of my time as a seminarian. Back in the real world, I had to find and build a career and was lucky to land in broadcasting and having discovered my niche and enjoyed a very successful career. Along the way, I fell in love and am married to Kay, we have a now adult daughter. Having left my catholic roots I became a Unitarian, I loved the freedom it afforded me, nobody told me I had to believe in X, Y or Z and I found an atmosphere where doubts and questions were welcomed. Having wrestled with the idea for some years, I was admitted into ministry training within the NSPCI and was ordained in 2017. Being a ” late vocation” means I am not full of innocent enthusiasm but rather a realistic passion. I have throughout my life made my mistakes, yes, over and over again! I have blundered, faltered, found both success and failure in equal measure. I have realised that no matter what religion demands of me, I cannot be anymore than what I am; human.

As a minister I try to lead by example, you will find me sweeping the floors, painting walls and drinking too much coffee. I prefer people call me Mike. I am very much ecumenically minded believing religions should concentrate on what they have in common rather than any differences they have. I am secretary of Cork 3 Faith Forum.

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During Covid, like everyone else, we had to adapt and like many others took ourselves on-line and entered a whole new reality. Today, we have a ” blended” congregation as those in the building are joined by our friends on-line. We have people joining us from all over Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Brazil and […]

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As I write the Tokyo Olympics are entering there final week. The absence of crowds has made this a very surreal event, but it has not diminished from the extraordinary performances that every Olympics brings. We have witnessed the smiles and the tears of those receiving medals, have all been lifted by the four medals […]

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A Blended Community

As churches return to in person gatherings, there has been much debate over the past year about on-line worship. Some have suggested that it is not really church, taking the view that under the circumstances enforced by the pandemic it was merely something of a “ holding pattern”, like planes circling an airport waiting to […]

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