Greetings From Our Minister

Rev Mike O’Sullivan & Kay O’Sullivan

Greetings From Our Minister

About Our Minister

Ordained : 24th February 2017. I was one of 4 ministers ordained for the denomination that year. My classmates Linda, Roger and Alister are all serving in NI.

I am married to Kay, we have an adult daughter who lives and works in Portugal. Our house is not quite the ” empty nest” as we have 2 cats, Tilly and Oscar. I am a passionate sports fan, basically watch anything. I spend a lot of my time frustrated because I’m an Arsenal fan.
To relax, I love nothing better than a good movie. My favourite shows include; the Sopranos, Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Suits. I am currently engrossed in Line of Duty.

Recent Messages From Our Minister

Olympic Thoughts

As I write the Tokyo Olympics are entering there final week. The absence of crowds has made this a very surreal event, but it has not diminished from the extraordinary performances that every Olympics brings. We have witnessed the smiles and the tears of those receiving medals, have all been lifted by the four medals […]

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A Blended Community

As churches return to in person gatherings, there has been much debate over the past year about on-line worship. Some have suggested that it is not really church, taking the view that under the circumstances enforced by the pandemic it was merely something of a “ holding pattern”, like planes circling an airport waiting to […]

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