Our congregation is a community of great people doing the good work. We do have a few specific roles which are frequent contact points for interaction with the church.

Minister :Rev Mike O’
Church Secretary :Colm
Key Management/Administrative Contacts

Management Committee:

The secular, financial, property and legal aspects of church life are conducted by a democratically elected Management Committee.

Management Committee members:

  • ​Colm Noonan
  • Pearse O’Donoghue
  • Paul Reinhardt
  • The Minister (who serves in an ” ex officio” capacity along with other members of the Ministry Development Team)
  • Brian Cluer, Honorary Life Chair (acts as a non-voting consultant for the Management Committee)

Ministry Development Team:

The Spiritual, Worship , Pastoral and Outreach programmes are the responsibility of the Ministry Development Team, its members being appointed by the Minister. (Note: the formal ecclesiastic term for this team is a “session“)

Ministry Development Team members:

  • The Minister
  • Neal Dunnigan, OEF
  • Another, tbc

Covid -19

Our Covid 19 Officers are :

  • Pearse O’Donoghue
  • Kay O’Sullivan