This page captures some of the additions to the plugins provided by the WordPress Spiritual Theme. In some cases the theme was lacking functionality or customisation flexibility and additional plugins have been added to the site.

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Random Image Display – Used for Unitarian Humor and Memes

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    Parishioner’s Poem For Ukraine

    During Sunday Service, our 1st reading is always chosen and read by a member of the congregation. On Sunday 1st of May, church member Bernice Landers read for us her self composed poem. It is reproduced here with permission. Shattered walls come tumbling down, people screaming, running around. Four men injured, two stable, two dead. […]

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    Ancestral Visitors

    On Thursday 14th April we had two visitors to the church whose family is very much a part of our recent history. Ciara and Eoghann Menzies from Perthshire in Scotland are the great grandchildren of The Rev. William Weatherall who was minister of this church from 1913 until his retirement in 1954. As minister he […]

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    New Chapel

    As part of a reconfiguration of the space within our historic building work was done on a new office for the minister, a new slimline kitchen and a new chapel. Work begun in late February and saw the transfer of the kitchen over to the opposite side of the building. The work was done mainly […]

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    Has the Grinch Stolen Christmas?

    Christmas shopping among crowded small stalls of merchants and craftspeople is a pleasant nostalgic memory for many Cork residents. That is precisely the image that many secular Cork residents have about the Unitarian Church as they talk favourably about shopping at the vendor market at Christmas time. That local shopping tradition was interrupted last year […]

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    Rev Mark Preaches!

    On Sunday the 7th of November, we were joined by The Rev Mark Hutchinson. Mark is minister of Evesham and Cheltenham Unitarian churches in England. Mark preached on climate change, focussing on COP26 and the need for us to make even small changes in our lifestyles. Our service also saw church member Walter McGuire, read […]

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    Guest Preachers in November

    In November we have two guest preachers. On the 7th, Rev Mark Hutchinson, a Unitarian minister based in the Cotswolds in the UK and on the 28th Rev Jarek Kubacki who is a minister of the Liberal Community of Faith working in parish ministry in the city of Beverwijk the Netherlands. As always services will […]

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    Harvest Service

    On Sunday 3rd October, we celebrate our annual harvest service. The service will be led by the minister and the address will be given by Michael Farar a local farmer. Service starts at 11 and will be a blended in person and on-line celebration. On-line the service is available on our Facebook page and You […]

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    Management Committee: Brian Cluer

    We also have to send the deepest thanks to our Hon. Life Chair, Brian Cluer, who under the rules that govern our denomination has stepped away from his formal work with the committee, having served the maximum time before a break must be taken. Brian has been a guiding light and his dedication has always […]

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    Management Committee: Pearse O’Donoghue

    The Unitarian Church Cork is pleased to announce the addition of Pearse O’Donoghue to the Church Committee which along with the minister is responsible for the day-to-day temporal running of the church and the building. Pearse is well known to those who attend the churches services, be it in person or on-line, as the man […]

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    Welcome to iDonate

    Cork Unitarian Church has selected iDonate as our new payment processing service. iDonate is a Galway-based company that specialises in payment processing for Irish non-profits. iDonate supports all of the major on-line payment methods (e.g. Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Pay). It also provides options for one-time and recurring payments. iDonate […]

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